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We are an animal loving family based on the Staffordshire / Shropshire border. When we purchased our beloved Spanish Water Dog, Mudgley, his breeders explained the benefits of raw feeding and told us how they had fed their dogs raw for many years. Not wanting to just take their word for it we spoke to local vets and spent hours searching the internet trying to find out as much as we could on raw feeding. In no time at all we realised that they were right. We could not believe we hadn't considered raw previously as common sense told us that it was by far the best possible option. We then asked the breeder's advise on what and how to feed and proceeded to continue feeding Mudgley on raw, just as nature intended. 

The only problem we came across was a distinct lack of suppliers in our area. We looked online for suppliers but always found them to be either expensive, have large minimum orders or unreliable delivery routes in our area. Not wanting to give up we looked into making our own. We contacted local abattoirs and meat processing plants where we managed to secure a regular supply of fresh meat. We then invested in an industrial mincer and some freezers and started producing fresh mince for our furry friend. Word about Mudgley's diet spread like wild fire and we soon had many friends and neighbours asking us to tell them all about it. In no time at all friends of friends started asking us about raw and asking where they could buy it. Hey presto, Gnaw It Raw was born!

The only problem we encountered was the amount of red tape and legislation involved in producing animal feeds on a commercial basis. Therefore, we only currently supply raw meats which we source from respectable and well established manufacturers. We are however currently in negotiation with both Shropshire Council and DEFRA to obtain all the relevant licenses to enable us to produce and sell our own range. Watch this space, 'Mudgley's' will be coming soon!


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